Zooz Zen15 slow response time

I'm doing some testing for automating dust collection in my shop. When a tool powers on, it will turn on the dust collection device and vice-versa when the tool turns off.

I bought a Zooz Zen15 to test with and currently have it setup to turn on a Lutron light when it senses power over 1W and turn the switch back off when power is less than 1W. I'm using the Rule Machine for pretty much everything at this point, not sure if there is a faster app and the only report the device is generating is a Power Report Value Change.

When I turn on a tool, the response time in which it takes the Zen15 to turn on the light is currently too slow (about 3 seconds). The turn-off time is less critical as it will be setup with a 3-5 second delay anyway but if there is not a way to speed up the response time, I'm afraid this isn't really going to work. Does anyone have any ideas how to get a quicker response or recommend a faster high-amp device? Am I just expecting too much out of it? Ideally this would be < 0.5 seconds.

This is a new, fully updated Hub. The only apps I have running is Rule Machine, Lutron Integrator, and Chromecast Integration. Including these two rules on/off), I only have 7 RM rules so I don't think I'm asking too much of the hub itself. I should also add that this is the only Z-wave device on my system and it is about 15ft from the hub. I have no Zigbee devices.

The Lutron response from the web interface is instant and the light turns on at the same time the web interface gets a log update so the issue really seems to be the device itself being a little slow to report rather than the Hubitat itself.