Zooz zen04 power fail settings sending wrong values to outlet

I just installed some new zooz zen04 800 series plugs and I wanted set the plugs to return to a power on state after a power failure. The setting did not result in the expected outcome. The settings doc for the plug here: ZEN04 Smart Plug Advanced Settings - Zooz Support Center
States the following settings for parameter 4:

On/Off Status Recovery After Power Failure

Parameter 4: Choose the recovery state for your Smart Plug if power outage occurs.

0 – Smart Plug remembers the status prior to power outage and turns back to it (default)
1 – Smart Plug automatically turns OFF once power is restored (it ignores the status prior to power outage)
2 – Smart Plug automatically turns ON once power is restored (it ignores the status prior to the power outage)
Size: 1 byte dec

When I change the setting from the driver, here are the param 4 values that are sent by the driver:
remember last state: 2
power off: 0
power on: 1

As you can see, it's not sending the expected values. How do we get the driver updated in Hubitat to send the correct values?

There's a Basic Z-Wave Tool user driver you can get from HPM. If you install that and switch your device temporarily to that driver you can send any param values then switch back to the normal driver.

All the possible values can be set by the Hubitat driver, they just don't set the correct value for the option chosen in the dropdown. For my use, I want the switch to come back from a power loss in the On state, so I need to program it for remember last state to get the correct value pushed to the switch.

You want @jtp10181 's advanced ZEN plugs driver. No need to fiddle with Zooz's advanced settings...they're all there.

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It's not even an advanced setting. It's one of the predefined dropdown options. It just sends the wrong code for the item selected. I was hoping that Hubitat could update the built-in driver to fix that.

They could, and it will possibly take a while. @bcopeland I did not verify but possible bug with ZEN04 driver.

In the meantime, mine works great:


Z-Wave doesn't Matter much lately, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

You won't regret using @jtp10181's drivers for Zooz gear (he has drivers for a lot of their catalog) -- proceed with confidence -- his drivers are awesome.


Yall have convinced me. I'll give them a try.

I just wanted to mention here that before I realized there was a problem with the Hubitat driver, I opened a ticket with Zooz. They replied that there is a known issue with the Hubitat driver and suggested that I use the Zooz ZEN Plugs Advanced driver instead. According to Zooz, it's "working as expected and has more advanced settings". :smile: