Zooz zen04 not responding to maker api commands

Just added a Zooz Zen04 plug to Hubitat. It will not respond to commands created with maker api. I use the commands created with maker api to control several devices by means of Apple Shortcuts, including Zooz Zen71 wall switches. I have checked the command for typos, and on/off are listed commands. Any suggestions?

What driver are you using? This one? [DRIVER] Zooz Smart Plugs Advanced (ZEN04, ZEN05, ZEN14, ZEN15, ZEN20, ZEN25)

Do the On/Off commands work from the device page?

Why not use the built in Homekit integration instead of Shortcuts with Maker API?

I have tried the built in driver and two I found on GitHub including the Advanced driver.
The on/off commands work from the device page.
I have so many shortcuts I don't have the heart to try something else.
This is the first device that has failed to work.

The advanced driver you found is probably the one I linked to. Since it works from the device page its something with the way you are doing the Maker API command I would guess then. Seems like you know a lot more about it than me. Honestly I would just try out the Homekit integration, its super easy to setup. Only catch is you need a Homepod Mini or Apple TV on your LAN for remote access (away from home) to work.

Did you add the device to the Maker app so it has access to it?

Maybe if you post your URL for a working switch and then the one for the ZEN04 someone can spot the error.

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