Zooz Zen 15 Switch

Can the Zooz Zen 15 switch handle a 120V EV charger? I am just wanting monitor whether the car is plugged in, no switching needed.


As long as the load on the ZEN15 is within its specifications, it should work.

I assume that there is some current draw even when the car is plugged in but done charging? I mean .. you could definitely tell it charging was occurring or not, but won’t tell you anything if car unplugged and charging is complete has the same current draw.

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Just FYI, v2.0 of the ZEN 15 can handle 15 amps (1800 watts) according to its spec sheet. Pretty much the maximum of most U.S. household receptacles, anyway.

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Yeah, I’m looking to run a notification at 8:00 pm that the car is present but not charging. No way it’ll be plugged in but fully charged at that time.

As long as the charger is rated under 15A, you should be OK.