Zooz Switch Install Issues

Moved into new house and starting to switch all my switches over to Zooz Zen77 and 76s. I installed the custom code and have several switches connected and functioning. I however have two switches that I can not get connected. The room is on the opposite side of the house, so I thought it was a signal issue. I however was able to get one switch connected and its functioning without issue. The two other switches in the room however will not pair. I've tried to run an exclusion but they're not seen either. I also added a cheap z-wave plug between the hub and the switches in case it was a signal issue. I've also run z-wave repair several times.

Any advice?

Bring the hub closer to the switches, or switches closer to the hub. If you aren't getting exclusion or inclusion, you likely have weak signal. Even though this one switch connected, radio waves are odd things and you might not be able to get enough signal to these two switches. You might try moving the repeater closer (yes, I meant closer) to the hub, or to a different location, and see if that helps.

The exclusion should get picked up even if the device is not included it will say "Unknown device excluded". Make sure you start the exclusion FIRST, then put the device into exclusion mode. If the hub is not picking it up still, like the other poster said it might just be a weak signal. I have a ZEN77 across my house about 30 ft away with multiple walls between and it gets a direct connection, but then I have a ZEN76 upstairs directly above the hub and it seems very weak for some reason. Possibly the attena in the ZEN76 is in a bad spot and not as strong.

If you have recently paired, moved, or messed with a bunch of devices you will have TONS of messages bouncing all over the place on the zwave mesh (can only be seen with zniffer) while it is trying to sort out all the routes. You might have to wait a couple hours for it to settle down. Also may want to try doing a power down, unplug for 30 seconds and cold boot of the hub to restart the zwave radio. After a cold boot, turn on/off devices that might be used as hops for the new device to be sure they find a good route back to the hub.

If you want to use the S2 Auth pairing Try using the smart start. I have used that on a bunch of the 700 series devices and works good. In the mobile app you go to Tools > ZWave > Smart Start and then scan the QR code from the box or the front of the device. Then all you have to do is power the device and put it into inclusion mode. The hub should automatically pair it using the smart start info.

I have noticed that it will still say "Pending not included" in smart start afterwards so I typically just delete them out of there once paired, to prevent any future accidental automatic re-pairings. I keep all the QR codes from the boxes with notes on them (going to put them into a digital document eventually).

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Thanks. I will mess with the hub location. The thing is the one that did pair is in the same gang box as the one I can't get anything on. It's so weird.

Thanks for the info. I'll also attempt a reboot and see if that works. I wasn't sure how well the smart start worked, as that's something new to me, but I'll give that a shot also if I can't get a connection.

You may have already checked but just in case, make sure you have no ghost z-wave devices from prior attempts when they failed. I had to learn this the hard way when attempting to get a few difficult items joined.

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My experience with Zooz devices is that they like to be very near the HE when including, and especially when excluding. And I have ended up with more "ghost" devices from removing Zooz switches than any other brand.

My experience with all devices, is that multiple devices within the same box area don't always work well if the HE is not directly in front of them. The switches do not transmit well across one device to get to the HE if the HE is to the side of the switches.

@dean do you have metal receptacle boxes by chance? My experience is the total opposite in my approx 1300sqft main floor plan house. I have the switches all over in plastic boxes and the only ones that give me trouble are the ZEN30 which are very weak for some reason (Zooz thinks it is due to the antenna placement). Everything else I can pair in place easily without moving anything.

I will have to give this a try. Is it ok to move the hub closer and then move it back after pairing? Or is there anything that should be done after you move the hub within the home?

I attempted to restart and use the smart start without success last night.

You can absolutely move the hub closer to the device, or the device closer to the hub, for pairing and unpairing.

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