Zooz stuff out of stock?

Just curious if anyone has noticed Zooz stuff out of stock everywhere and if anyone had inquired?

Trying to get another Zen27 dimmer and can't seem to find one. =(

I’m sure it’s the same reason as why everything on Earth is out of stock... everything is made in China and supply chains are disrupted


Maybe @agnes.zooz can chime in on expected availability dates.


Agreed. Guess I was more curious if Zooz is having issues and someone had heard. Will wait for Zooz person. :slight_smile:

I just ordered some stuff from the smartest house and got it just fine.

Me as well. Just got a zen27 off their eBay site last week. Went back this week and both their site and eBay are out of stock. :frowning:

I've got a Zooz switch supposedly arriving from Amazon today...

We've been making some changes to our switches and the ZEN27 specifically (to make it more powerful) which caused a manufacturing delay so sorry that you'll see the ZEN27 out of stock for a few weeks. We have a small quantity en route to Amazon but it's hard to say how fast they'll process the restocking so look over there in the coming days. Otherwise, the ZEN22 model is still available (and will be on sale starting tomorrow :wink: ).

I'll post here once the ZEN27 dimmers are back in full stock. Otherwise, we haven't seen any major issues with our supply chain, yes, everything takes longer and shipping got very expensive so we need to plan better but we're doing our best to avoid outages. Thanks for your patience guys!


Do you mean increase load capacity? If so, that would be awesome.

Yes, it will still be rated at 100 W for LEDs but we're getting rid of the side tabs (which previously brought it down to as low as 50-60 W for LEDs). That being said, we've found that many bulbs actually draw more power than advertised so we're making sure the ZEN27 is fine even if you're close to the 100 W limit.


Ha. Thank you. I just checked and amazon has them now (didn’t yesterday). Ordered!

I honestly love these dimmers. I now have 6 of them I think. They’re the only dimmers I’ve found that seem to truly be flicker free. Honestly only complaint is they could be a little less deep.

I installed one yesterday with a new light from Costco, and with them both, if I dim all the way down to 1% it’s incredibly dim. Lol.

Thanks @agnes.zooz!

Speaking of side tabs, anyone know a switch plate that’s “deeper” (such that when you screw it on it will make contact with wall)? Mine leave a bit of a gap with the zen27. Though thinking about it, that might be intentional (for the ZEN27) so there's airflow...

We're working on that too :wink:

Look for a "jumbo" wall plate at Lower or Home Depot, that should do the trick and it's pretty common with smart switch installation.


also just noticed an interesting typo? on the switch. Switch says firmware 2.07 written on the back, but Hubitat reports as 2.7.

Found the changelog, now want to update everything to 2.07. Need to request. =)

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@agnes.zooz Any chance the new version will be rated to handle ceiling fans?

I've noticed the stock shortage also and was very close to pulling the trigger on some inovelli switches. I will wait it out, now that I know new stock is on the way.


and got link to 2.08. Wish I didn't have to re-include after firmware updates, but meh. =) Thanks @agnes.zooz !

It's not a typo, some hubs will display it this way for some reason but I'm not sure why. Either way 2.7 = 2.07. But if you request the firmware, you'll find we already have 2.08 available :wink: Honestly can't keep up the change log with the features we've been adding!

Not the dimmers but the on/off models like the ZEN21 which is rated for 15 A, we've been already giving a pass on fans as long as the fan is rated under 3 A so the switch can handle the inrush current.

Amazon has limited stock now, so if you'd like to get some dimmer now, I'd recommend buying them in the next few days. We'll be restocking whatever we can find at the warehouse at The Smartest House as well, some will be open box or refurbished versions.


Yes, I meant the Zen26. ...sorry about that.

...going to research the difference between the Zen21 and Zen26. Thanks @agnes.zooz!!

so then it's an issue with the Zooz driver on HE... got it. =)

Thanks again!

I don't think it's the driver, you'll most likely see it with every firmware version of every product, they just skip the "0" but PC Controller and SmartThings I think don't for some reason. I'm sure there is an explanation for this but I just haven't been able to pin this one down yet.

This article will help but the main one really is that ZEN26 has an 8 A relay and the ZEN21 has a 15 A relay inside. The ZEN26 relies on current readings to change and maintain status (to accommodate the special 3-way/4-way connections) while the ZEN21 works more like a standard relay.


Thank you!

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