Zooz Previously joined S2, rejoins S2 automatically... I don't want S2

Have a Zen32 i want to update, running original firmware. I added it to my C7 via S2 long time ago, so doing a firmware update does no good. So excluded and re joined, but it automatically re joins Via S2, i don't ever get prompted anything about security. Have factory reset and rebooted the hub and it still adds as S2. Any suggestions? Zooz manual states try adding with out security but doesn't tell you if there is a different way to include it that way?

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This shouldn't be the case for S2 devices, though, only S0-only devices. And I think the ZEN32 is authenticated, meaning it definitely should prompt (because you'll need the code). To the OP: what specific security does the Z-Wave Details page shown for this device, or where are you seeing S2?


Are you using the smartstart QR code, or going to the Add Device menus within a web browser?

No code

Zwave device details page… S2 authenticated

I would suggest you remove it from the hub via a exclude and the do a factory reset on the switch. After that do a include without the qr code and then make sure you skip the oprion to install with security.

Well, i have tried all that except adding it back with the code. Usually just do z wave inclusion. Ill give it a try.

Scanning the code let me unselect the security options. Now shows no security, thanks for the help!

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I really wish it was an overridable behavior for S0 devices.