Zooz Power Switch not reporting energy consumption to Alexa

I have a Zooz Power Switch which I have exposed to Alexa, and while I see energy consumption in Hubitat, it's not being published to Alexa. Alexa has an Energy Dashboard to track energy consumption, however, the device doesn't show any energy consumption there. Is there any way to get this energy data published to Alexa?

It's supported through the Alexa Skill API:

As long as Hubitat registers the plug as having the Meter capability, it should be able to report measurements just like it reports Power On/Off.

I don't think Hubitat's skill publishes this capability/attribute to Alexa, just on/off for this kind of device. The Skill has been improved a couple times since its introduction (temperature was a recent addition, IIRC), and perhaps this may be added at some point in the future, too--but unless they silently snuck an update in, it's not there right now.

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I wasn't sure if that was something the Hubitat team would implement, or Zooz would provide to Hubitat. Thanks for the info!