ZooZ Power Switch (Models: ZEN15, ZEN06) ported driver


I’ve touched up a REALLY complete ST drive by Kevin LaFramboise @krlaframboise (Hubitat/drivers/krlaframboise at master · krlaframboise/Hubitat · GitHub) to work with Hubitat. I tossed my version here: HubitatDevices/zooz-power-switch.groovy at master · chrisuthe/HubitatDevices · GitHub but really had to do nothing other than find & replace. I’ve tested most of the functionality and it seems to be working well. Massive Kudos to Kevin whose original version is so robust.

Kevin, I hope this is OK, I didn’t see this one in your Hubitat GIT, let me know if you want to handle this differently in any way.


Can you please repost a link to that driver?
Thanks in advance.


HE has native (built-in) drivers for these devices now, any reason you want to use a "ported" driver instead?


I was actually thinking about the aeon labs dsc0616, which I'm using without energy monitoring.