Zooz Power Switch Energy Use Tally

I haven't ordered and power monitoring switches yet but plan to probably order a Zen15 to allow for a washing machine done notification. (I'd also love a dryer done notification but I haven't found a way to achieve this with 220v power)

In thinking about it further I would very much like a way to track how many times the washing machine has been run (probably over a months time)

Has anyone set up some sort of thing that tracks this? I'd be happy with a simple app that counted with a tile I could put in a dashboard even if I had to manually go in the first of every month and reset it.

I'm not sure if anyone has written an app to do this, but tracking number of cycles would be pretty easy to do from Rule Machine. It's not exactly what you want, but here's a rule I'm using to notify me when my washing machine is done:


It would be easy to add a global variable to Rule Machine, create a Global Variable Connector so you can display it on the Dashboard, and then simply add 1 to the value of this variable at the end of a rule like the one I wrote above. You could have another rule that resets the value of this variable based on other criteria, like a certain day or a (real or virtual, including Dashboard) button being pressed.

PS - For your dryer, while there are monitoring solutions (not a smart plug--that I know of, at least) that could work for 220V in the US, if your dryer has an LED with a predicable state (e.g., on when running and off when not), then this new-ish device from HomeSeer could work: HS-FS100-L Z-Wave Indicator Light Sensor – HomeSeer. I'm using it on mine, but my LED flashes when the dryer is done until the door is opened, so it took me a while to find settings that worked to detect that, and I had bad luck with battery life unless I used the USB power option.