Zooz Power Strips on Sale


Not a bad price for effectively 5 Z-Wave outlets! I have both versions of this strip. The new one provides power monitoring, among a few other new features, which can be a nice alternative to the "smart"/green power strips where a "master" outlet controlled "green" outlets by turning them off when current draw on the master went below a threshold (e.g., hook up a desktop computer to the master port and monitor, speakers, etc. to the others). It works well, but it seems to be excessively chatty with the power reports, despite me thinking I've configured the parameters to be quite tolerant of change before they report, but I'm still playing around to see if I can make that better. Zooz support is fantastic, and they might be waiting on me to send logs so they can see more specifics. :grimacing:

It also seems to be one of very few players in this field (anyone seen any Aeon Smartstrips lately?). It's also nice to see these at a price where buying five smart outlets separately wouldn't start to seem like the more cost-effective option.

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Good summary, I bought 4 of these (newer versions) on their April Fools Sale for I believe about $10 more each than this sale. I also have the same complaints about the chattiness (seems to be a common problem with most zooz devices). I've seem to reduce it alot by changing the power reporting threshold to 50 watts and reporting and energy frequency's to 2 hours, but still much more than I would like.

What sold me on them was the energy reporting features, and the price vs individual plugs

Now every room the television, streaming boxes, soundbars, etc.....can all be controlled through rule machine plus energy monitoring of each.......It's like a workaround for Harmony hubs (almost)


I had been looking for an excuse to snag one, I guess this is it!

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Ordered one for each TV.

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I ordered two for my aquariums. Now I can monitor if any of the filters go out. This is great!! Were there any issues paring with HE. I thought HE could only pair one device at a time.

I had no problems pairing and all the child devices created automatically.

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Same as @JBrown I paired 4 of these, no issues.

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Guys I'm seeing a very slow response time. My initial command is executed quickly, but any subsequent commands lag like mad, up to 20 seconds. My strip is not paired securely, so not sure what's slowing it down.
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What version of firmware is on the power strip? I am not seeing this with my 2.0 firmware.

Can you try testing it close to the hub to eliminate any possible range issues? Have you changed any advanced settings for the strip? Is there anything plugged into the USB ports?

It's stamped 2.0 on the back, and in logs it's 2.0
I have a zooz double plug about 6 feet away, line of sight,the double plug responds instantly to multiple on/off cycles. So if a range issue I would see issues with the double plug, or my aeotec doorbel, or my dome siren(all in living room) There is nothing plugged into the power strip at all-yet
Only settings I changed were to decrease power reporting (50watts, every1 hour) but problem existed before changing power reporting capabilities

Should I exclude & re-pair?

Do your drivers match what is listed here a different driver for the strip itself than the drivers for the separate channels?

@agnes.zooz I bought mine when it was first released, I am on firmware version 1.0, is there a firmware update available to get version 2.0? What are the primary differences between the two?

I don't have any complaints with the performance of mine, but if something significant has changed or was improved I'd like to know.

There was an abundance of error logs flooding the network saturating the zwave network.

Do a zwave repair first. It might be seeing a phantom node or has a poor route.

Yes, my drivers match exactly.

I installed the two I ordered to support my aquariums. They work great and I love having a dashboard for all the components of each tank.

Here's the glitch. I have a rule set to notify me if the power on either tank drops below a certain power level. With these power strips, they insist on reporting periodically. This causes my rule to fire and let me know the power has been restored. I first found this out at 1:30 this morning :slight_smile: Any suggestions?

Why don't you set restrictions at the bottom of the rule to execute it only during the day?

That's a good idea. The issue is that I want to be notified when the power drops no matter if it's day or night. I was trying to be humorous with the 1:30 comment.