Zooz Power Strip - Duplicate Child Devices

I had to re-add my Zooz Power Strip to my Hub today. After resetting it and adding it again, I used the Swap Device in Apps tool in the hub settings to replace the old device and removed the old device, then finished renaming the child devices and configuring the power strip. After finishing all this, I found that for some reason, I now had two instances of each child device for the power strip. Both child devices for each port actually control the port too. Is there any way to remove the duplicates?

I had the same issues with one. I ended up removing it completely and adding it back and it was okay then.

@ardichoke Change the driver to "Device" and click save. Then click delete all child devices, states, and scheduled jobs. Change back to your original driver and click save, then click configure. Only the devices available will now be there. Duplicates should be gone.


Thanks, this worked. Sadly, ended up having to re-name the child devices and set up the various integrations for them again. Would have been a lot nicer if I could manually remove only the duplicates somehow, but oh well

I just went through the same pain a few weeks ago.

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