Zooz - please make the white electronics boxes smaller!

I just finished wiring in a ZEN22 v4.0 dimmer. It's working perfectly now but what a struggle!

There was just too much stuff for a single-gang box. Three neutral wires with a large wire nut and the neutral jumper to the dimmer, two line wires wired to the dimmer, the load wire the dimmer, and the ground.

The white electronics container takes up too much space! I saw another thread where a Zooz customer was complaining about the quality and construction of the Zooz dimmers and switches claiming that they were flimsy. I suspect that the real problem is excessive force applied to the hardware trying to cram it into the junction box.

OK. Other manufacturers have similar-sized products but after struggling for 45 minutes with the Zooz dimmer it gets my attention.

Can we do this?

You're done with that one now, so this is of little help, but there are a few things you can do to save some space. Instead of wire nuts, take a look at push-in wire connectors. They lie flatter than a wire nut, and I think are more secure.

If you are just joining two wires, use the push-in on the back of the switch instead of a pigtail.

If the existing box is shallow, consider replacing it with an old work deep box. If you're lucky, you can pry the old box from the stud and keep hold of the wires, then insert into an old work deep box. Sometimes, though, you end up cutting out some drywall if things don't go perfectly.

I would have thought the newer generation switches without the tab heat sinks would be 20% smaller than previous (as are the Jasco switches).


I know zooz has its advantages. But if you are really tight on space you may want to look at the GE Enbrighten Switches. They are about 30% smaller.


Thanks for the replies.
I do use Wago clips sometimes. I also used the push-in connection for the two line wires, the load, the ground, and the neutral stub.

I may have to find a deeper box or maybe open the back. I don't think that is up to code, though.

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