Zooz Outdoor Sensor Not Always Reporting Motion

I have a Zooz Outdoor Sensor Not Always Reporting Motion. It works fine most of the time. However, this morning, when I left, I could tell the device sensed motion but my HE never saw it. Therefore my rule did not run. I have it set for medium sensitivity and to ignore the LUX and always report motion. Any ideas on how to make it work all the time?


What's the battery level on it? (Though reported battery level isn't always true) I've only seen this behavior when batteries are low.

It is showing 100%. It is a new device I added a few days ago.

Hmm... Depending on distance and what not to your hub, you may need to throw a repeater in there. Since it's an edge device AND outside it may occasionally not complete reporting to the mesh....(just spitballing here based on experience)

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Did you ever get this to work? I have one of these sensors doing the same thing. It tends to work most of the time indoors but fails outside. I'm wondering if it's temperature related. It never has worked reliably outside.

I think it is mostly working. I have kind of stopped paying attention to it. Sorry I cannot be of more help. Maybe contacting Zooz support would be helpful.