Zooz Multisiren ZSE19

Hi Folks,

I have a need for a siren and also have been toying with the idea of a simple TTS device. For my needs the ZSE19 seems to fit the bill. I have read a few threads where people have been using the Zooz Multisiren but they are older threads. Could I hear from some users on the latest HE release on how the ZSE19 performs? Are you happy with it?

You have to create you own ,wav files ....

wav files in Mono only (you need to convert any Mp3’s)
Sample rate: 8KHz – 32KHz
Max length per file: 30 seconds (total max length of all files: 85 sec.

You also have to use their Library Manager software. It apparently loads from the storage media one you plug it in. Online help then says "Double click the icon to launch the uploading software."

I prefer the ZW056 since I do not needs sounds over 80db, the siren on this can go up to 110 db. The ZSE19 only allows 85 seconds total since has less storage then the ZW056. The ZW056 also support any ,MP3 and .WAV file. The only support mono .wav files with only 8KHz – 32KHz sample frequency so the audio quality is very low. and tend to distort more as a results. You cam probably load hours of sounds om the ZW056 not 85 seconds.