Zooz multi relay & power strip doesn't show in Button Controllers

I see, buttons and switches but I don't see the power strip or the multi relay as a "button device". Not the end of the world, I can use Rule Machine but definitely see how Button Controllers would work better for my garage door opening and closing.


Button Controller is designed to respond to button events, like pushing a specific button, and then executing whatever actions you've specified. A power strip is a set of switches, not really a button device (although I could imagine one sending button events as a sort of secondary thing if they have physical buttons for each outlet, but not I'm aware of any that do that). If you want to respond to a switch event instead (and don't want to use Rule Machine), have you looked at Simple Automation Rules instead? Alternatively, if you describe a specific automation you want to achieve instead of what app you had in mind to use to get there, someone may have more specific ideas.

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I see my mistake, I could use button controllers but I would have to create a virtual button to for my dashboard. Once I do that i can see the "switches" that are really outlets for the power strip and relays for the multi relay. I did get everything working in in Rule Machine 4.1 and just tested out the rule cloning feature that worked great. Thanks for the response.