Zooz items on SALE again


I miss that year in the 2010’s where the Canadian dollar was at par with the US dollar...

I wish I had the $$ to spend right now. I already spent my automation budget for April.

No regrets though. Thesmartesthouse.com tends to have quarterly sales. With any luck the Zen22 / Zen27 will be available next time.

Switches I need are 2 more dimmers (Zen27) and 4 more simple on / off switches (Zen26).

I'll gladly pull and move the NuTone switches that are fan rated to the bathroom to control the vent fan, and swap in a Zen26 to control the shop light fixtures in the garage, and the 4 tube 48" LED fixture in the kitchen. No dimmers... Throw a non dimmer switch for the drivway light, and front porch light.

Any idea how long this deal is going to run for? I can afford this on my May 7 payday...

The webpage says the sale is through April 27th.

Existing smartbulbs it is for another 3 months or so..

Just bought a pair of Zen17 relays..

I've replaced all my switches with Zooz 700s now. By far the most affordable upgrade I've done here. I think 5 years ago I was paying ~$55 for a regular Z-wave non-plus switch.

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