Zooz Double Switch Zen30

I recently purchased a Zooz Double Switch Zen30 to control a vanity light and ceiling fan in a bathroom. The switch works fine and I was able to pair it with Hubitat, but it does not work through the Hub. I can't find a Device Type that works. Wondering whether anyone has a solution or whether there are plans to add support for this device. Thanks.

The next hub firmware version is supposed to include a dedicated driver. In the meantime, people have been able to control the dimmer portion with the Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer driver.

That is a very new device. Driver still in dev/test as I understand.

@mike.maxwell is this in the works?

Official driver was released in the last firmware update.


I just got this same switch and am getting an error when using the motion lighting rules with it.

app:162021-07-30 03:28:34.948 pm infoMotion inactive Hallway Motion
dev:112021-07-30 03:28:34.904 pm infoHallway Motion motion is inactive
dev:92021-07-30 03:27:51.216 pm errororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MethodSelectionException: Could not find which method setLevel() to invoke from this list:
public java.lang.Object zoozDoubleSwitch#setLevel(java.lang.Object)
public java.lang.Object zoozDoubleSwitch#setLevel(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) on line 1000 (method setLevel)
app:162021-07-30 03:27:51.135 pm infoSetting dimmers [Bathroom Light] to null
app:162021-07-30 03:27:51.092 pm infoMotion active Hallway Motion
dev:112021-07-30 03:27:51.046 pm infoHallway Motion motion is active

Any insight?

Sounds like Motion Lighting is trying to call "Set Level" but isn't providing a level. Could you verify that in your setup and share your configuration (a screenshot would probably work) if you don't see anything odd?

Will do. But I was setting up my father's apartment, so it will be a couple of days.

So I took the screen shots and then left my laptop at my dad's.

Oddly, the rule is working about half the time. The screenshots I took of the logs looked normal and the light was working.

I need to do some extended testing. I'm headed over there Tuesday afternoon to wait for a furniture delivery, so I'll have time to play around.

Well, all seems to be working now.

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