Zooz controlling garage door

Can someone please point me to the right forum or topic for the following:

I want to be able to open my garage door when I am coming into my neighborhood IF its not already open. I also want to close it when I leave.

I have a ZooZ Zen 17 and a contact that I will be putting on the door..

Thanks in advance

How to Use the ZEN17 Universal Relay as a Garage Door Opener - Zooz Support Center (getzooz.com)

Some of this depends on what kind of garage door opener you have .. whether the wall pushbutton is a simple momentary contact button, or if there more electronics involved. If a Chamberain opener, what color is the learn button?

Its a Genie and I can use a momentary contact closure to open or close the door.

I found a app here but was never able to get it working..

Take it one step at a time. You have a relay on the ZEN17 wired in parallel to the wall button, correct? If you close that relay on the ZEN17 for one second and then open, does the door operate?

Yes I have R1 C/NO wired to the garage door and when I close the relay I was able to close then open the garage door.

That's good. Now it is just a software task. You don't say what app you were trying, but if it is a community app he learned of here, follow up in that app's thread.

You could also just follow the instructions at the link below, and reach out to Zooz if needed.

Alternatively, you could probably do what you want with RM without having an app at all.

How to Use the ZEN17 Universal Relay as a Garage Door Opener on Hubitat - Zooz Support Center (getzooz.com)

I found a Aladdin Connect app in developers code, installed it but could never get it working - so I took the zooz route.

I have the apps installed per the get zooz website and doing the last step now.. Be back shortly with an update..

Okay I have everything installed down to step 7 in the HE setup section on Zooz.


When in HE when I try to select open/close sensor I cant select the contact to us.

Would need some details about your contact sensor, the driver it has must not have the correct capabilities to show in that list. So what is the contact sensor and what driver is it using (listed as TYPE on the device page).

Its just a standard hardwired NO/NC garage contact..

is it connected to the Zen17 or connected to HE in some other method.

if it is connected to the Zen17 has the input been configured as a contact sensor. I believe this may be one of the options you have to unpair and repair after setting the input to the new mode.

It is connected to the zooz.

When you look at the Zen17 device in HE do you see something like this. My image has input 2 set to a contact sensor, but my point is you should see a child device as a contact sensor.

I do not see the sensor part..

I have been using this with no problems. On my Genie if I connected a contact such as the ZEN17, it interfered with the wall push button unit. Thus had to go the Aladdin route.

Okay. go into the Zen17 and go down to preferences. What is selected as your input type for relay 1.

It was set to enabled - I have changed it to contact sensor..

You will likely need to repair the device to get the contact sensor functionality to fully kick in. but then it should show up on that list to be selected.

It did show up.... without a repair...

But just in case, how do I do the repair?