Zooz 800 Switch on Hubitat C7?

Do they work? Will they still mesh with 700 devices? I ordered a few new switches that said 700 on Amazon but they shipped me 800 devices. I'm building outward to reach a detached building so they'll need to be able to use the existing 700's as repeaters. I tried to find this answer, but it's alluding me.

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Yes. Z-wave is backward compatible.

They should.

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A lot of what is going to affect your distance questions have to do with the antennas inside the ZWave devices, not the Hub. The hub converses with the first device in the path, and thus the hub's antenna and RF energy is part of the success of that conversation. But the repeater conversation is 100% in the antenna/RF energy pattern of the devices themselves. The hub can't improve or detract. :smiley:

Yes they will work fine with other 700/500 devices in the mesh.
The only time they would not mesh is if you paired them in LR (long range) mode, which Hubitat does not support yet anyway.

Also, my advanced driver should work fine on them as well, I think all the settings have stayed the same they just bump up the main version on the FW.

Ok thanks all, I'll hook one up tonight and test it out.

I have one setup at my house on a C7 hub for the past month. It's been working fine as expected.

Seems to be working fine and your driver as well. Thanks everyone.