Zooz 700 vs 800 switches?

I have installed a couple of 700 switches initially to test things out, and upon looking to get more switches I noticed they now have the 800 LR ones.

I live in a 3-story townhome and I EXPECT my mesh network/repeating to be adequate.. but is there realistically any reason to choose the newer 800 over the 700 if the 700 can be had cheaper? At a glance they LOOK identical. Would they actually respond any faster or anything like that?

Also, as of RIGHT NOW I am using Hubitat C7 which I don't even think is an 800 series chip?

Same speed/response.

The 800 chip promises to be less buggy than the 700 (which is not made any more), so "may" be better overall. That said for your described uses, I wouldn't expect any difference in practical usage.

Mains powered devices: For same price I would go 800. If cheaper, and no desire to ever use LR on the device, I would go 700.

Battery powered devices: I would go 800 if there were a choice, as 800 is lower power which should equal longer battery life.

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