Zooz 4 in 1 Battery issue

Hey all,

I have a Zooz 4 in 1, installed back in Sept. Today the battery reported 1%. Checking the logs I see exactly 2 battery entries, 100% then and 1% today

Firmware 17.9
Using the built in Zooz 4 in 1 Sensor device driver

Thanks in advance

I've got one of these bought on October 3 that was always picky to pair even right beside the hub. It was going through batteries in a high traffic area. It got to a point where it would not stay connected when the battery was below 80% and would not pair with a new hub after being properly excluded from another hub. It's boxed up waiting for me to send it back.

And then there was this.

Well, I changed out the battery about an hour ago, selected to Configure which started the Sync process. Status shows synced yet battery still at 1%

It's still working as my lights just went on/off based on Lux...

Looks like either I have a bad unit or there is something funny going on with the driver


So my new battery is reporting 100% again, the unit appears to be functioning correctly

How can I get it to report battery level more than once every 5 months?



I just checked again and no new battery entries in the log

Thanks, Rick

@toy4rick I just did a quick test with 1 of these 4-in1s. I’ve got one that I was calling faulty and ready to send back. I started up my Smartthings hub which currently has no paired devices. The 4-in-1 was quickly seen and paired. I wanted to check and see if there were any user settings for details like check-in or battery reporting and there were none on the Smartthings device page.

After the successful paring on STs I removed this 4-in-1 from the STs hub which happened properly following the device maker’s instructions.

Now with it back in a mode for pairing, I attempted another pairing with the HT hub. With a new battery and sitting less than a foot from the hub it took several minutes for this device to be seen and then it took several additional minutes for the screen that lets you save the device to appear.

All total this process took at least 4 minutes. It sure feels like something is not quite right on the C5 hub when it comes to these 4-1s.

I considered this unit I’m testing with faulty because of erratic motion reporting and excessive battery usage. I was experiencing these issues when it was paired to my original C4 hub where I have a solid zwave mesh and no issues with locks or other zwave devices.

I ordered the second hub to test with and one of the first test was using the 4-in-1. When it would not pair after being properly removed from the C4 hub that’s when it seemed like it was a bad device. Then that notice on the Amazon page seemed to confirm a hardware issue.

Now that this device seems to have paired properly, I’m going to watch it for a few days to see how it performs. I’ll post back here once I see a battery reporting time\date beyond the original 100% report.

No battery entries since the original sync on 2/16 when I inserted a new battery

Anyone else having this issue?


You guys may be talking about the "new" V2 model.
I have the original V1, on firmware 5.1.

Battery usage, in a word, sucks, both on ST & HE. Goes from full/new battery to non-functional in a matter of weeks; typically 6 in my case.

I long ago started using rechargeables for these motion sensors, but the battery reporting is naturally now 100% unreliable :slight_smile: Goes from full to 1% in a matter of days, and sits at the 1% mark for a good 2.5 months before it dies. A good charging regime works wonders!


I reached out to The Smartest House and asked about the lack of battery reporting. They indicated it was a Hubitat driver issue, they contacted the Hubitat dev team and they promised to look into it and get it fixed.

Here's to hoping... wait, hope is not a strategy


@krlaframboise appears to have a battery reporting setting in his STs driver so this value is available to users if supported by the driver.

I believe Hubitat uses the device's default wake up interval which is 12 hours so there's really no need to use a custom handler.

Hubitat suppresses duplicate events which is why you don't see the battery events every 12 hours, but I've seen the battery level of this device change over time with the built-in driver so I don't believe the problem @toy4rick ran into is a problem with the driver.

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So if others are seeing reported battery levels, what is my next step(s)? Remove the device and re-pair or?


That wouldn't hurt, but I'd probably wait a few weeks and see if the battery level goes down at all.

Just to clear this one up - the Amazon notice is a system error that we've been trying to solve for a couple of weeks. Amazon has never carried any Zooz devices in their inventory so they couldn't possibly encounter any issues with the units. The products have been sold by The Smartest House exclusively and if there were any issues with the inventory or reported by users, they would just close the listing like they typically do in those cases. Nobody at Amazon has been able to point out an actual reason why the notice has been put up there.

We'll continue to analyze any reports of missed reports on Hubitat and other platforms and will run additional tests on our side to make sure the firmware is performing as designed.

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That would only bear fruit if the battery would report once in a while. I received 2 battery level reports in 5 months, 1 at 100%, the next at 1%


The device could have been reporting 100 every 12 hours for the last 5 months, but if that value was always 100 the event wouldn't be shown in the event list so there's no way to know for sure.

There could have been some weird issue with the device where it got stuck reporting 100 until it dropped below the low battery threshold and reported the alarm value 0xFF instead of the battery level. If that's the case then replacing the battery could have fixed it.

Give it a few weeks...

Hub Update 2.0.6 shows all battery events so you should start seeing a battery event every 12 hours.

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TY, I will give it a go


Yes, seems like I am getting periodic battery logging now, which is fantastic :slight_smile:

However 4 entries every 24 hours. Any idea why the second entry approx 10 mins after the first?


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I'm seeing the same thing, but I'm still trying to figure out what's causing it.