Zone Motion Controller

It would be nice if the Zone Motion controller had some options for time windows between 10 seconds and 1 minute.

20 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds would be cool for those of us with much bigger yards

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I've moved your post to the "Feature Requests" category (since it was posted in "Rule Machine," which is a different app--though certainly one you could use to re-create a similar automation if ZMC doesn't meet your needs). I understand your use case, but we'll see what staff say--might get more visibility here.

We'll add some more time selections in release 2.2.4


Thanks Mike, that would be awesome !

I was just going to raise this request when I stumbled across this thread.
Will see what we get with 2.2.4. :+1:

its in there now !

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i would like an option in this for time windows like sunset to sunrise to complement the mode options that are already there.. no need to have triggers firing rules watching a zone when for instance you only use it to turn on lights at night etc.

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