Zone Motion Controller Question

I was wondering if someone could explain these two settings. If I'm guessing right, in my scenario, all three must detect movement within 10 sec. Is that right?

Activation Window
Minimum Active Threshold

Yes, in your case, your hub must receive an "active" event from (all) three sensors within a 10 second period. To be extra-clear, the timing is based on the time the "active" event was generated, regardless of the current value of the sensor (or, in other words, you don't need all three necessarily still reporting "active" to make the zone activate, but for a short interval like 10 seconds, that distinction is unlikely to matter; if you have activation windows that exceed the "timeout" of your sensors, then it certainly would--they don't have to still be active, just to have reported motion/activity within the window).


Here is a link to the documentation in case it helps:


@bertabcd1234 Thanks for your help. I think you said it much more clearly than the help page that @ritchierich shared. Perhaps they could put your explanation there :slight_smile:

to the @developers - this is really awesome functionality. I'm using it to detect a cat at my door, and it's really working nicely. I'm still tweaking settings and sensor placement, but very handy app!

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