Zone Motion Controller not working on C7 w/2.2.4?

I was using ZMC w/some automations, seemed to work fine. As of 2.2.4, however, they aren't working - motion is never registered by the Zone Motion Control group when I activate the motion sensors that are in the Zone Motion Control group.

Added: This is on a C7. I'm on

Been working great for me! I have 3 setup and all is well on 2.2.4.

Dang...was hoping this would be a simple one. Can I borrow your hub for a minute? :wink:

Mines a C7, I assume you have the same.

Actually my “coordinator” C5 hub runs the motion zone app and it’s on 2.2.4. I have a C7 on order to replace my dedicated C4 dedicated zwave hub.

Thanks...maybe it's C7-specific?

Hopefully someone else will speak up.

interesting.. i was not having that problem on 2.2.4 i have 3 motion zones.. have you tried deleting and recreating them.. But intermittant 10-30 delays on automation was too much for me.. backed out the version.. hopefully the will identify and fix it soon. everything else seemed to be working for the most part.

Yeah, I just deleted my zones and am going to try re-creating them. I think I may have already done that, actually, but can't remember 100% for sure.

Was doing a ton of futzing over the past fews days and everything is a blur... :wink:

too much booze with the turkey

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I should really mark that as the solution. :wink:

Deleting and recreating did it, so my feeling that I had already done that was a phantom memory. Like the one of me winning the Nobel Prize for Root Beer Floats. :slight_smile:


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