Zonal Control

Hi all.
I have managed to afford enough zwave TRV' s and have my combi-boiler heating is also controlled by zigbee.
I can make a simple program that allows me to set the TRV's differently throughout the day and of course I can schedule the combi to come on when required.
Is there a program (like thermostat controller/scheduler) that will give me true zone control of the TRV's? Ultimately I would like to schedule something like the upstairs TRV's are off whilst the downstairs have temperatures set accordingly. If all the TRV's hit their target, turn off the combi. If one TRV needs to get a bit warmer, place demand to fire up the combi.

Any thoughts of apps out there that fit this bill?


I suspect that my HVAC Zoning App is probably the closest to what you are asking for. However, my program is written for a forced air system. There may be a way to map your system into my software, but I would need to know a little more about your system before making a promise. Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss that possibility further.

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