Zipato 3 in 1

@mike.maxwell, not sure I should even bother you about this but have you seen the Zipato "Trio" sensor labelled as part No. PH-PSM01.AU, and whats the best driver for it ?
It is a Contact, Temperature and Luminance sensor and looks like it should be a PIR but I guess they're just using a common case.
I managed to get several of them cheaply and I wondered if there was an official Driver for them.
When paired it registered as "device" and I grabbed this, which I hope is what you'd be after...
Manufacturer: 013C
Product Name:
Model Number:
deviceTypeId: 14
nodeId : 36
deviceId : 000E
manufacturer : 013C
deviceType : 0002
inClusters :
outClusters : 0x20

Any assistance would be cool.

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