Zigbee ZLL on/off 220v switch for Philips Hue?

Although not strictly Hubitat related, does anyone know of a on/off ZLL switch for 220v that will work directly with Hue ? I only have a hue system in my home (the Hubitat is in the summer house) and I was wondering if I could get by with only the Hue here, but I need a switch to turn on some lamps that are not Zigbee, so need something in-between.

I have seen lots of 220v to 12-24v switches for Hue, but none that offer a straight on/off experience and ZLL.

Would be interested to know if this exists.

According to here, TRÅDFRI plugs are supported.


Oh, I didn´t know about that. But come to think of it, I think I would rather like to have a dimmer. I don't think the plug is a dimmer as well.

Perhaps I need to step outside of the Hue for this to work. I did see some "triac" dimmers, not sure if they will work ?