Zigbee XIAOMI Model: MCCGQ01LM

updated latest version hubitat
zigbee device found and pairing

it says FOUND ZIGBEE DEVICE ID########
initializing ...............

and it's been like that for almost an hour..

i refreshed to try again, still the same issue.

Im using Xaomi zigbee contact sensor btw,
Brand: XIAOMI Model: MCCGQ01LM

These are not standard ZHA1.2 or Zigbee 3.0 devices, and not supported by any Hubitat built-in drivers.

There is a user driver developed by @chirpy that supports them. See:

But even with this driver, note that these devices don't work with many/most zigbee repeaters. See this thread:

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crap.. i think i just wasted money on these xiaomi devices :frowning:

thanks aaiyar

There are a few choices to get them to work with Hubitat:

a) Have a mesh that only has Hubitat-compatible zigbee repeaters/routers
b) Pair them with a Mijia bridge and then bring them into Hubitat using Node-RED, Homekit, or Home Assistant. Or zigbee2mqtt.

I actually do option "b".

They do work, just copy paste the driver Aaiyar linked. If sensor can connect directly to the hub it should stay mostly connected. They do have a tendency to fall off, but can be easily reconnected.
I too fell for the low price, but now they sit in my junk pile.
What's your distance? hub <-> sensors, and what other zigbee gear do you have?

alright thanks for the options.

But im actually trying to steer clear of complexities like this. I rather use natively supported devices as much as possible. so ill try and sell these xiaomis :slight_smile:

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I'll give that code a whirl just to experience it. But I wont be using these devices because I want to natively supported devices as much as i can.

My hub is like 5feet from the xiaomi sensor haha im still in setup phase. (just received my hub yesterday!)

I mostly have z-wave stuffs.. i've been doing HA for almost 10yrs actually and out of all experience i have to say hands down z-wave is quality stuff.. specially w/ OEM/generic options from China. Z-wave is more strict in implementing their standards while Zigbee is flaky as u see with xiaomi doing their own thing .. stupid really. i hate it.

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