Zigbee wall switch that remembers last state after power outage -- recommendations?

Long story short, I identified a use case which would require me to have a wall switch (prefer traditional and not paddle, but either would work in a pinch) that maintains state after a power outage (if it was off, it's off when power returns; if it was on, then it turns on when power returns).

I currently have ZERO wall switches in my setup (I'm currently doing smart bulbs and outlets). I therefore would be grateful if someone could recommend a Zigbee switch that would match up with what I've described above.

Thank you in advance!!

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These should work:



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My go-to is Inovelli. They have a smart bulb mode that will ensure it stays on all the time. Plus, I really love their LED notification bar. The only issue is that they have had difficulty keeping their switches in stock - they seem to sell faster than they can get them produced.

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