Zigbee very unreliable after upgrade

Many of the zigbee devices paired to my C-8 have become unreliable after the upgrade. I've tried looking at the zigbee logs and nothing stands out to me, I see normal looking check-in messages from various devices around my house.

I've tried rebooting the hub, rebooting the radio with the "Reboot radio" button and rebuilding the network with the "Rebuild network" button.

Power cycling some of my zigbee devices seems to have made them more reliable but they are still not responding to some on/off control events.

I can pull whatever logs anyone wants to see.

please revert to the previous platform version and let us know the results

I tried reverting to and it did not help. I rolled back forward to and have the same flaky behaviors on both versions.

Are there any logs I can pull to share?

One thing I forgot to mention. I had Apple HomeKit enabled with a bunch of devices. That broke a while ago, I hear because of some changes on Apple's side. I disabled the HomeKit integration on Hubitat (while on and that seemed to make zigbee less flaky but it did not eliminate the flakiness.

not really, i would try a battery pull or power cycle on any unresponsive devices, start with any line powered devices first.

Ok thanks, it's good to hear confirmation from you that power cycles on devices should help. I tried power cycling a couple of lamps (sengled bulbs) and that seemed to make them more reliable.

I'll power cycle more things and report back with an update tonight/tomorrow.