Zigbee USB power adapter or inline switch?

As I mentioned above, I was seeking to control a string of led lights and only used the switch module out of that Sylvania kit.

I just bought this:

Granted I flashed the firmware with Tasmota and added it to Home Assistant, but I had Tasmota working with Hubitat before I had HA.
I posted this because it has a group of controllable USB ports.

Thanks @rcjordan . I re-read your post and realized my mistake. I have now just purchased a 12v LED light strip that I hope will work with the relay/adapter.

Thanks again for your suggestion

That looks really handy. Is there any way to control this from HE. There are so many devices that are WiFi based coming out now. Is our only option IFTTT when WiFi is involved?


No, you don't need IFTTT for wifi devices, You can use Tasmota or Hubduino

I use both, Tasmota is constantly evolving with new devices being added constantly and a relatively easy flashing process if you have a Raspberry pi running.

Hubduino does not require a RPi to flash, but requires a little bit of Arduino coding skills. It also has tighter integration with Hubitat for the devices currently supported compared to tasmota (imo). And may require you to disassemble the device to flash it, although I was able to flash pre-compiled Hubduino binaries to some devices using tuya-convert ( the RPi flasher used to get tasmota onto smartlife based devices).



As @kuzenkohome said IFTTT isn't required once you use a Raspberry Pi to trick the devil firmware out of these plugs and load the nice new Tasmota firmware. It's all wireless and is stupid easy if you can follow instructions, I have problems reading sometimes...
The only issue with these outlets is it would require the custom Tasmota driver that's floating around.
I have no custom drivers or apps in Hubitat anymore except for one Monoprice driver and the hub's been running like a champ.
These devices are integrated best with a beefier Home Automation platform like Home Assistant, which integrates very nicely with most things I've thrown the Tasmota firmware on.

Moral of the story, I use Hubitat only for Z-Wave/Zigbee stuff, which gets forwarded up to Home Assistant because I had issues running all of the custom code I was cobbling together from this amazing community.

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Thanks everyone for all the good info. I am reading all about Tasmota and Tamotizer. I have a couple of cheap Costco CE Smart plugs. When I have time I will take them apart and try to flash them with a Hubitat version of Tasmota and see how well they work within Hubitat.


Check out Tuyaconvery first. Might not need to touch a screw.