Zigbee Update?

OK. I've probably been ignoring an update or something. Does the Update button here mean there's a Zigbee radio stack update available?

Is it recommended? My Zigbee stuff works great as is.

According to the documentation, that Update button is just used to save any changes made to the options just above it.

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I was curious myself, since I didn't recall seeing that button (I obviously don't go to that particular settings page very often!).

@bertabcd1234 has done a really awesome job with the documentation updates, so it's a helpful arrow in the quiver for many what-is or how-to questions.

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I've been conditioned that when the magic "Update" button shows up on the Z-Wave details page that a radio update is available. Didn't think to look at the documentation. Thanks!

Some history: the Z-Wave Details page used to have an Update button that served the same purpose as you see on the Zigbee page, basically a "save." It was renamed to Save at some point due to this confusion, the name it remains with now.

But the button for updating firmware was always labeled Firmware Update, not just Update (so no need to condition yourself to do anything for plain "update"). Same thing here, plus there have not been any Zigbee radio firmware updates released for any model, so nothing to worry about in this case. :slight_smile: