Zigbee switch Icasa ICZB-KPD14S

Hi, I have bought the Icasa Pulse 4S wall controller in the hope it would work with the HE. Main goal to use all 4 buttons as a switch/pulse button, being recognized in HE to create scenes.

As you can see (below) the intent of the controller is different, being on/off function and scene 1 or scene 2. (dimming should be possible as well)
screenshot controller

Pairing with the HE went very fast and the controller got recognized as an "RGBgenie controller ZB-5004". I don't know if it is a rebrand or if it is recognized by accident. However when looking in the device list, I can actually see changes based on buttons pushed. The driver makes a main device and 4 sub drivers as shown below. in the main I see wheter S1 or S2 is pushed and RGBgenie controller ZB-5004 EP01 shows if on or off buttons is pushed.

I havent tried pairing it with a bulb and see if dimming etc works but my first (premature) conclusion would be that RGB genie driver works well for this controller.

In HE I have used Rule machine to turn LED lights on/off. Using S1 for light A+B and S2 for light C+D. This works well.

Here is the question, the driver sees the on/off button as an actual on/off button and thus I cannot configure them to switch light E+F with off button and light G+H with on button. Is there an "easy" way to change the buttons on/off beig pushed as an incoming S3 and S4?

Below the fingerprint and some buttons pushed of the controller.