Zigbee Siren Driver

I purchased one of these thinking that it would work with the community siren Generic Zigbee Driver (by gabriele-v) or the Zigbee Tuya Alarm Driver (by Markus @ Oh La Labs), but I'm not having any luck.


I'm curious if anyone has purchased this siren before and gotten it working with Hubitat.

I also have the Zooz siren, but it's too slow to use as a door chime. I also have the Aeotec, but I don't like the sound selections for a door chime. I also tried using Google Home as a chime, but it's too slow too. I was giving it one more try by purchasing this one. If anyone has recommendations on a device to use as a door chime, I would love to find something that works well.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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