Zigbee route meaning

hello I would like to know what it means what I show in my route, child data, Neighbor Table Entry and Route Table Entry

There are multiple threads on this topic. Try this one for starters:

The search feature on the forums is great. A huge number of topics and alot of of info to sort through.


It has not helped me much, I want to know the meaning of what I have asked before, that information does not help me

Post #2 links to ZigBee fundamental and the explanations are in there. Here's a link from that post.


I am by no means an expert and I would certainly encourage you to read through the links others have posted. Here's my short (and perhaps not entirely accurate) version. This page shows partial (not complete) information on your Zigbee mesh. It shows devices that are either directly connected to your hub or one hop away.

Child Data shows devices directly connected to your hub. They are "sleepy" end devices because they are battery powered and go into sleep mode to conserve power. They do not repeat other devices.

Neighbors are devices that are directly connected to your hub and I believe will be your 16 best repeaters (if you have that many). They are generally line-powered devices and do not go to sleep. They are capable of repeating other devices.

The route table section are devices that route through the neighbors.

LQI, or Link Quality Indicator, is a measure of the quality of the link between the repeating device and your hub. Higher is better. Incost and Outcost are related to how well the repeater repeats. Generally lower is better, but if memory serves a zero outcost means the device may not be reporting link status.

In your case you have relatively few repeating devices. Depending on how big your mesh and house are, you might consider adding more. On the other hand, if everything is working as expected, maybe not.

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