Zigbee Repeater Not Working?

My Zigbee repeater isn't displayed in the graph. Does that mean it isn't working?

Other Zigbee devices are also missing from the graph:

Notice the 27 out of 35 devices? Let that page sit for 24 hours and it will eventually show.

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Okay, is it normal that the Zigbee repeater has no Last Activity time?

If it's not repeating anything. It just hasn't checked in yet.

Ideally, it's repeating at least four contact sensors that are further away from the hub than the repeater.

How do I know if my Zigbee repeater is communicating with my hub?

How do I know if my Zigbee repeater is repeating for other Zigbee devices?

Go to the device page of and look at events and see the last time it checked in

Looks like it has disconnected from my hub?

Yep... Simply reset it and then re pair it. It will slot back into it's old location.


You can try a custom driver which polls periodically the repeater and shows the online/offline to the hub status.

Look for the link in the 'Zigbee Repeaters' section in the second post.

If any battery-powered end device uses ut as a router, you will see it on the map - in my case it is just one device.

Sort the Zigbee details page by 'Msgs' column - if your hub is running for more than 3 hours, all devices showing Msgs = 0 are suspicious for being offline for some reason.

@kkossev Many thanks for your super helpful post.

You're suggesting I use the Zigbee - Generic Repeater (w/ healthStatus) driver for my repeater correct?

I'm currently using the Ikea TRADFRI and have no info under Current States:

Yes, you can try the modified version w/ healthStatus of Markus’s driver.

You can use this driver together with the [RELEASE] Device Activity Check - Get notifications for “inactive” devices

The Zigbee - Generic Repeater (w/ healthStatus) driver populates the Current States:


and my repeater is shown in the graph now:


but it's not repeating for the devices that are further from the hub.

If it's a c8 you can click rebuild zigbee mesh. Otherwise shutdown and unplug power for 30 mins. That will throw them into panic mode. Power backup and they will rebuild...

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