Zigbee Repeater for Xiaomi Devices

Hi I am looking for advice from who use Zigbee Repeater for Xiaomi Devices, I have an issue because my device stop to work, I have all kind of Xiaomi/Aqara I only know if they stop when I click on a button or open I door/windows and nothing happing ....

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There are a couple threads on here with lots of information but two that come up are the sylvania outlets that I have and the tradfri outlets from ikea that @SmartHomePrimer can recommend.

However, a repeater will help with the signal for defences far from the hub, if you have devices close to the hub dropping off you may have other issues. Especially with the xiaomi devices.

I have over 50 of them and 4 repeaters throughout my house working perfectly.


Can I ask what you use to repeat? Thinking of getting a few repeaters.

I have the sylvania smart plugs. However they keep changing them so getting the exact one I have may be hard. The exact model is 72922. There is another version 72922-a I think as well that we never confirmed if it works. May be others. But if you are feeling like experimenting try them out and let us know. It would definitely help the community.

The tradfri outlets from ikea as well also work. But for me ikea wants to charge $20 for pick up for a $15 outlet. They don’t ship for cheap.

I have included a link below to the US amazon store.

Sylvania Smart Home 72922 Sylvania LIGHTIFY Smart Plug, 1 Pack, White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M6UM8QD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_tH9jCbM6GJF4B

Thanks, @gavincampbell I'll check them out. I have several sylvania led lightify strips, but seems that they don't repeat very well either. I just saw an article that the older ones don't repeat like the recent ones. I have both. I'm waiting to see if it improves. Just installed two more in my office last week. Haven't had an opportunity to see how it's improved my mesh.

Did you ever take a look at the xbee threads?

I grabbed one of those and set it up. Wasn’t easy at first but once complete it let me see my zigbee mesh. I could actually see where things were rooting. When I had the iris outlets they were devices were dropping off. I could see that they were connected to the outlets and once I removed them it stabilized. Now I can see what’s going through the sylvania outlets. It’s a pretty cool feature. Wish it was built into the hub so we could see the meshes and troubleshoot issues.

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Wow! no. I haven't .. I'll have to do my research. Thanks for that!

One last thing. With the latest hubitat update they may an update to the last activity methods.

The xiaomi devices are suppose to check in every hour but I see them miss checkins for up to 3 hours. They are still fully active though.

That being said you can use one of the device monitoring apps now nicely with them and have them alert you if they haven’t checked in in the last 3 hours or so. It will give you a great indication of when they really drop off.

This is how I monitor mine and it has been a while since I had issues. I had issues with my sensors in the garage. I moved a repeater to my laundry to be closer and haven’t had any issues since.

You could never have too many routers.

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How can I know if my device conect direct to Hub or by a reapeater?

No way to know for sure unless you have a way to map the Zigbee network, such as an Xbee. However, Xiaomi devices won’t pair if you’re far from the hub, so if you plug in a repeater far from the hub and the Xiaomi device is able to pair, then you are for sure pairing to the repeater.

I ordered one of these (Sylvania 72922) back in September from Amazon and got the "-A" version. According to threads on the ST Community forums, that's the version that does not repeat for Xiaomi.

This thread has a lot of information on what devices work to repeat Xiaomi devices. See the first post for a summary of what you need to know and devices that are known to work: Xiaomi devices - are they pairing / staying connected for you?

Personally, I have two XBee modules (not only are they great repeaters, you can also map your ZigBee network with them--which people who've figured these things out for Xiaomi devices need to do so they know what works) and one IKEA Trådfri outlet. The Sylvania 72922 that is known to work well is likely no longer available new--anywhere you find that claims to sell one likely has the 72922-A revision, which has been reported to not work (not just that it's unknown how it performs).

If you want something cheap, the IKEA Trådfri outlet is probably where it's at--plus you'll get a usable ZigBee on/off plug out of it (though they aren't reported to have as strong of signal as some others--not surprising given their cheap price and somewhat small size, though they are much bigger than some other outlets). The XBees are great but more work to set up, and all you'll get out of it is a (fantastic) repeater. If you live in the US, IKEA will do "small item" shipping for $9 (can probably fit a few outlets and other small items in the same shipment for that price), which, yes, is about the cost of the outlet itself--but $18 is still less than pretty much any Z-Wave and most ZigBee outlets you'll find. :slight_smile:

As a tip: if you have repeaters that are known not to play well with Xiaomi devices, unplug them during pairing. In my experience and others', Xiaomi devices are reluctant to change routes ones they get one (it will likely be the hub if you follow the old advice to pair it right next to the hub, but I've paired mine close to XBees or good repeaters instead with great success). So once your Xiaomi device gets a route that works for it (either the hub or a good repeater), plugging in another repeater is unlikely to affect it.


Just posting this in case it helps others...

I have struggled in some areas of my house to get xiaomi devices working. Today I picked up 4 Ikea Outlets to test and an instant improvement and all my devices are now online. I did have to press the button on a few of them whilst in discovery mode and it then picked up the already configured devices.

Fingers crossed! I don't really plan to use all of these plugs just wanted to extend the network so have put them in plug sockets that are rarely used :slight_smile:

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Does anyone else using the Tradfri Outlets have them turn on and off? Assuming this means it has lost its route to the hub as resetting them fixes it but currently finding them a little flaky after a great start

My 2 plugs have been mostly solid after a few months. I have them automated on at sunset, off at sunrise. They fell off maybe once or twice, but have been stable over the last 4 weeks. They do have a relatively week signal. Adding an Xbee s2c greatly improved things

Just so nobody uses this thread as a reference for that Amazon link... If you buy the 72922 from Amazon you will get a 72922-A. The A model will not work with Xiaomi devices. I got burned.

I am in the process of contacting Sylvania/ osram/ lightify and getting the run-around. I am asking them about the difference between the 2 plugs, 72922 and 72922A.
In the meantime I have 2 xiaomi vibration sensors running with them and waiting to see if the sensors fall off. 2 days in and so far so good. Prior to the 72922a they were connected through an XBee s2c and were solid for weeks.

I have been through this. They will end up telling you that the "-A" is newer and supposed to be better in every way. They will also offer to look into the Xiaomi device issue but I don't know if they will or have because all communication will stop after that.

It's a dead end.

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