Zigbee Radio Turning Offline

Hey All,

Been using my Hubitat mostly flawlessly for the last 3 months or so. Currently integrated with Ecobee, Lutron, Hue and Echo. I've recently added a bunch of Zigbee devices, and I'm having issues with the network/radio staying online.

I have 10 Juno Connect Downlights, 1 Enbrighten Wall Switch, 3 Centralite Wall plugs, 2 Centralite Motion Detectors, and 1 Temp/Humidity Sensor.

Since adding the Centralite Wall Plugs, it seems like almost every time one of my rules turns the plug on the radio goes offline, and won't come back until I reboot the hub. I have no idea where to start to troubleshoot this, any advice would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bad device spamming the mesh. Try subsituting another outlet in the rules and see if everything works, if so bad device.

@thebearmay is on the right track, whenever the hub gets overloaded, zigbee radio is the first to go. Check your logs for error messages and device stats. Instructions in the forum. Also many threads on troubleshooting Zigbee network offline

Thanks for the responses! So I read some stuff about the the getting overwhelmed by a bad device and it’s what I originally thought, but one detail I inadvertently left out -

Originally I bought Sengeled Zigbee plugs and had the same issue. I was having trouble finding the cause, and after looking around it seemed like the Centralite plugs were more highly recommended. I replaced the Sengeled plugs with the Centralite ones and the same issue exists.

Looking through the logs, I don’t see anything that stands out to me, but it looks like that the radio only shuts down when the plug is turned on by a rule. If I operate it from the device page everything seems to be ok.

Is it just that rule or any rule that interacts with the plug? If the rule, may consider recreating it.

That’s the only rule that interacts with it, it’s a simple automation rule that turns my outdoor lights on and sunset and off at sunrise. Everything else is in the rule is through the Lutron integration, the outlet controls my Christmas lights.

Strangely enough The radio didn’t go down tonight when the rule ran, but it also failed to turn the lights on.

I’m going to adjust the time on the rule to get it to kick off while I’m watching and confirm that’s the problem, if it is I’ll split it to its own rule and report back here what happens.

If the outlets support power/energy reporting, try disabling that feature on their device details page. Sometimes, those power/energy status updates can spam the network and cause issues.

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So I haven't made any progress identifying the issue - the Centralite plugs don't do energy reporting, and the Sengeled devices (I reconnected them last night to do some testing) do, but it's off for all but one of them. The original rule that was lining up with the Zigbee crash ran tonight and turned the outlet on without crashing the Zigbee radio, so I'm really at a loss now?

On thing I can't explain is the screenshot of the log below. The outlets that you see here are ALL Sengeled devices, the Centralite plugs don't do this. Nobody is turning the outlet on/off physically, but they seem to be reporting on at random intervals fairly often.

Do you have any rules or automations that are POLLing or REFRESHing these outlets? Also, go into each of the outlet's device details page, make sure power reporting is disabled, then click SAVE. Afterwards, for good measure, click CONFIGURE.

I will enable DEBUG logging and Descriptive Logging on one of my Sengled outlets to see if I see anything similar in my logs.

Hey guys - any other ideas here?

Is there an issue with my Zigbee radio? Should I contact support?

You said this started when you added the Centralite plugs, did you remove (not just unplug) them and see if you are still getting the crash?

Yes, odd issues like this should be reported to support, and maybe they can see something unusual in the back-end of the hub.

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I’m going to make one last attempt and re-add every device this weekend, it’s kind of a pain since I have all the Juno Downlights hardwired on but maybe I can isolate which device it is. If I don’t get anywhere I’ll email support and when I have some sort of update I’ll post here.

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