Zigbee radio offline - 2nd unit can't connect anything

so im new, got hubitat a few weeks ago, zigbee radio offline could not connect any zigbee controllers, etc. only 1 z-wave worked, then put in warranty they sent a 2nd unit, got today, same issue offline and can't connect 1 (any) zigbee devices, won't discover any and radio offline message still. not sure what's going on

Tagging @support_team.

In the meanwhile:

  1. What zigbee devices have you tried?
  2. Distance from the hub?
  3. Have they been factory reset?
  4. Can you post a screenshot of the live logs during/after zigbee discovery?

Please send me a private message along with the MAC address of your new hub. I'd like to take a look at the engineering logs to see what is going on.


right next to hub,
yes factory reset best of knowledge
this is logs during.after
sys:12022-12-12 05:09:59.584 PMinfoZigbee Discovery Stopped

sys:12022-12-12 05:09:52.578 PMinfoZigbee Discovery Running

sys:12022-12-12 05:09:52.293 PMinfoZigbee Discovery Stopped

devices tried
ThirdReality Smart Button (1 button)
Moes Scene Remote (4 button)
Sylvania Smart+ Adjustable White and Full Color Flex

What zigbee channel is the hub on? Can you also check post a screenshot of the zigbee logs during/after discovery?

Channel 20, here is the logs open during.after

See the little box called "Zigbee Logging" in your second screenshot? That's the zigbee logs.

Can you click on that to open it? And then run zigbee discovery?

Nothing shows up, 1 window zigbee logging open, and 2nd zigbee add device, nothing shows up in logs, did it multiple times

What's the red notification?

ZigBee network is offline.
Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 5.32.51 PM

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Sorry for the confusion. I misread your original message.

I thought only the first hub you received had the "Zigbee network is offline" message.

You're one of those rare examples of lightning striking twice in the same place - both hubs clearly have zigbee issues.


Ohh NO NO, im a unicorn huh? :frowning:
yes getting same error on replacement unit same as first unit

Rare, but it seems you got "lucky". Maybe you should buy a lotto ticket! :moneybag:

@bobbyD should be looking at your logs and it seems likely you will get a new hub.

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Yes he will look at them soon, and does sounds like new hub. really appreciate the quick responses here, thanks.