Zigbee Radio - Intermittent Brief "Off"s

Did you ever remove the Zemismart 3-way wall switch?


What polling interval are you using for each device? Are the plugs that are not plugged in still referenced by the integration ?


The problem is with what you don't see. Zigbee going offline is likely caused by the traffic between one or more devices (likely simultaneous events) and the radio. This traffic is not captured by the logs. Your best approach to resolve this problem is to identify the problematic devices. Generally, you are safer if you use both built-in drivers and devices that are on the Compatible List. For custom drivers or devices not tested by our engineers, you can use the process of elimination to narrow down the problematic devices, or a Zigbee sniffer. I personally don't go the sniffing route, and I don't recommend it, as that is too time consuming, instead, I carefully weed out potential bad players from the mesh until I am able to stabilize the mesh.


30 minutes (the default) for all 3 devices - if I've understood the question correctly, all 3 are still registered/listed in the Kasa app. The unplugged outlets are referenced in a few rules, but those rules are disabled (they're for Christmasy things).

I have to admit I didn't - from other responses at the time I got the impression it was unlikely to be a driver/single device issue, and that plus the inconvenience of removing automation for all lights in the kitchen (see also WAF) meant I shifted focus to other areas.

My better half might be away for a few days in the near future, giving me more latitude than usual to mess with systems - will give the removal a go if that happens.

Thanks for the advice - I've got a dozen or so Sonoff devices (mainly buttons and motion sensors) I'm currently using custom drivers for, so in the first instance will try switching all of them to built-in ones.

For others only custom drivers are available - if this is an answerable question, for test purposes would setting those to device type "Device" serve to take them off the mesh and prevent them potentially messing up the radio? Or would they need to be Removed from the Devices list? (Or would something more extreme be needed? Put the battery-powered ones in a metal box, then bury the box?)

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If you actually want to de-power, is there a tab you can pull on the 3-way? Is called an air gap? So you don't have to de-power the circuit.

Maybe you could "take out" the 3-way, without actually taking it out, and temporarily change rules as a workaround?

From memory, and after revisiting the product page on Amazon (see below), I don't think there is an air gap. To be sure I'll check on the 3-way itself if I do start poking about, but I'm pretty sure that the wiring terminals are the only things available to work with besides the front buttons themselves.

If the worst comes to the worst I'll just disconnect the live wire, disable rules that might try to control the 3-way, and see what difference that makes.


i wonder if the driver will continue to try to poll those every 30 min (admittedly not super frequent), leading to (http?) call failures. Been chasing those down after @rlithgow1 hinted at it. Might be grasping at straws in this case tho :man_shrugging:t2:

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I'm in no position to rule that out, but it would be ironic if that was behind things; I specifically switched Christmas-themed outlets to Kasa (from a mix of Zigbee and Z-Wave) after reading that having meshed devices registered but offline for 11 months of the year could mess things, so WiFi-based ones were preferable in that scenario. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

As part of the testing plan I'll try plugging them in in a quiet corner so they do respond to polls.

That doesn't mean the radio isn't looking for them and/or devices trying to route through them.

Please note that the outlets I was covering in that earlier post were all Kasa WiFi ones, so were hopefully unrelated to any direct radio issues. Very possibly being pinged, timing out and consequently impacting the hub performance and radio indirectly.

Will double-check later, but AFAIK there aren't any inactive devices on the Zigbee mesh.

Oh sorry, my bad. I thought they were Zigbee.

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I was adding a Sinope power monitoring outlet (Zigbee) the first and last time I experienced this as well. Coincident with that was A LOT of trouble adding that outlet (which nobody else in the Community seemed to ever have).

I eventually got things to work/settle down but the only thing not in the equation today, that I worried was party-to-the-problem at the time, was a MHCOZY 2ch relay...but that comes back into the mesh at holiday lighting time so we'll see if any problems are presented.

I really do believe this had more to do with Power Monitoring and getting the outlet/driver set to not be reporting as frequently vs how it all comes up by default.