Zigbee Radio get stuck on Initializing, and lots of Zigbee Off Events Happening when radio is not off

I've been watching Zigbee logs, and I have no constant trail of activity scrolling off the screen or anything like that. Even with no filters, it is just spurts of devices logging, steady but not constant. No one device seems to be logging a lot of stuff. Only the single log from null device 0000 associated with zigbeeOff event is what I saw as strange in the logs, as I have mentioned.

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That is interesting. I have been rebooting, but not doing a power cycle at all.

Also coincidental then, is that I shut down the hub on transformer change day, and I unplugged the power supply for the 1/2 hour (seemed like a good idea, in case of some power blip at the pole). Point is, the only time I have power cycled the radio for at least several months was the day they changed my transformer, and the day this issue started.

I will power cycle the hub for at least 10 seconds and get back with results.

Costs nothing to try a new power brick.
It may or not make a difference.
but could / will Rule out a bad one .
Really not a big deal to try a new one.

This will put your Zigbee devices into what's known as "panic mode" and when you turn the hub on again they will rebuild their neighbor tables and reconnect to the hub. It is sometimes tried to help resolve problems w/a Zigbee mesh, or when you move devices around and want to hurry them up finding new routes.

I haven't seen incidences of it creating big problems in the past...

I think the idea of putting the hub on a power bank is a good idea, as it would at least remove all questions about your home's wiring/electrical feed affecting the hub. ZIgbee devices plugged into the walls are still "exposed," of course.

Figured it out, I think this is the cause of your problems. :astonished::wink:


I power cycled the hub and I got a Zigbee Off event shortly after. And another since. I added the power cycle time to the chart.

Zigbee Chart

Question is, will I get another INITIALIZING status in the next day or so with full Queues? I will see how it goes.

I had another INITIALIZE event, but at least it went a few days.

The number of zigbeeOff events I'm getting has not changed. No word from support.

Open a case below:

Using this:

That should get you on the radar.

My warranty expired in March.

I don't know what the timeframe is normally to hear back from support, but it has been four days and I've heard nothing. Not even an email acknowledging my ticket.

They are very busy right now as a beta test is in process, which can suck up resources. Give it a little more time.

Did you submit a case or sent us an email? The support email is not monitored. Also check your notifications in the upper right corner, I sent you a private message.


I submitted a case, but I wonder if it even went through since I never even got an email. I got a confirmation page and that was it.

As I replied to your private message, I put in a warranty claim but the form had no comment section to put in the code. I assumed there would be more to add after pressing submit, but that was it, so the code did not get in the claim.

The confirmation on the form is all you need to confirm that the case was submitted. I checked and the case was received. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks! As I have had Zigbee issues since day one with this hub, and none on my old C7, it may really have had a ZigBee radio issue all along.

That's exactly what we will be looking into. And if that's the case, a replacement will be on its way to you shortly.

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