Zigbee Radio fails and is stuck initializing every 3-4 days

My Zigbee radio fails every 3-4 days. When this happens the Status on the Zigbee Network State says Initializing and stays stuck there indefinitely. Hitting the reboot radio or rebuild network buttons does nothing. I've followed the normal directs on the forum with no luck: removed unused entities, turned off debug logging for all devices, turned off power reporting, made the flash rate 1s etc. I only have 13 devices on my network. What else should I try? How do I get Hubitat Customer support to help? What logs do I look at to try and figure out what is going on?

@bobbyD or @gopher.ny should be able to point you in the right direction. There might be something they can see in the hubโ€™s logs that you canโ€™t, but looking for errors in the logs, or misbehaving lan or cloud integrations is generally a good place to start.

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Please check your private message notification in the upper right corner.

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Can you dm us your hub id? We can then have a look at your engineering logs...

I see that we have replaced your hub once, are you having these problems with the replacement or the original hub?