ZigBee radio borked

My hubitat is showing the "ZigBee network not online" error. I tried resetting and powering off the hub with no luck. After doing some research it looks like the ZigBee radio died... Is there a process to receive an rma or exchange?

Iā€™m assuming you unplugged the hub for a minute after powering it down. Anyway, seems like a question for @support @bobbyD

This isn't always an indicator of a dead radio. In fact I doubt it is the radio, usually it is some device or app that is using too many resources, and the Zigbee radio shuts off in response.

You might try looking at the Logs tab, App Stats and Device Stats and see if anything is using more processing time than everything else.


Wouldn't a reset or shut down reset an app that's using too many resources? Especially if my setup was working for a while with no changes other than adding 2 ZigBee devices this past weekend.

Update: after switching into safe mode, I still couldn't use ZigBee devices and after restart I got the same error

When you say error, do you mean the message you showed in your original post?


Hmm, a restart has often fixed this for me, like @neonturbo it has typically been something hogging resources, so restarting clears that.

Have you looked at the logs to see if anything is consuming resources on the hub?

Did you try removing power to these devices?

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@Ken_Fraleigh @sburke781

Yes to both of your responses nothing unusual and I powered off the plugs.

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Has this hub been in use for any amount of time and the Zigbee was working? The reason I am asking is that the radio going bad after it was working for some time, is extremely rare. Most often, the radio going offline is indicative of a hub under stress, either overwhelmed by errors, or overheated. If the radio was offline from the beginning, then the chances of a bad radio increase. Please send me a PM and I can take a look at your hub's engineering log to see if you are dealing with a hardware malfunction.


Will do.