Zigbee question

Zigbee mesh seems to be healthy and works OK except for
the one GE Zigbee Switch which exhibits delays randomly.
It looks like it routing through itself (the highlighted line below).
Is this normal or a problem?
If this is a problem how to fix it?

Your Zigbee dimmer has two functions. It acts as a Zigbee repeater. According to the table in which your repeaters are listed, this device has an LQI of 255 which is as good as it gets. You have a strong signal. The second part of the device is the dimmer. It gets is signal through the repeater portion.

According to the Zigbee tables, your device should be functioning perfectly. When you say that the dimmer is experiencing delays, exactly how are you determining this . If you activate the dimmer by clicking on the buttons within the Hubitat device manager, the dimmer should respond immediately. However, if you are triggering the dimmer based on inputs from sensors, rules, etc. the issue might be with the other devices or your rules. Please provide additional details.

The Switch is controlled by a rule.
Most of the time the response is near instant.
But occasionally when an ON ( I did not observe how OFF command
goes) command is sent to switch Blue LED on the Switch goes ON
for few (up to 10) sec and only then Switch turns ON and LED turns OFF.
Since Blue LED goes ON in response to the expected Trigger event
I assume Trigger and Rule itself is not a problem.
Signal seems to be strong but unfortunately only this specific switch
is mounted in a metal box. It could be once in while it loosing a connection.
I am planning to place Tradfri Outlet in a nearby regular outlet just
for its known good repeating capability. I hope this may help.
At the beginning I had a ZWave in this really bad for RF location.
ZWave device had a lot of communication problem and that was a reason
to try Zigbee. It works much better but still occasionally fails.
This location is in a bathroom. When lights is not turning ON when expected
my wife sends me a "BIG Thanks" for this type of automation.

I have many Zigbee Outlets and few Dimmers which are also a Repeaters.
But only this Switch has an routing table entry pointing to itself.
But you said this is normal/expected. So this Is not a problem. Right?

I am showing a couple of Zigbee plugs (eWelink technology) that show this same type of connection. so I do not think it is a problem. However, perhaps someone else will weigh in.