Zigbee protocol compatibility - Standard Light Link


I am having a hard time finding out if HE supports both the ZHA and Standard Light Link protocols for Zigbee. Can someone provide an official reference in docs or elsewhere that shows that it does or does not support LL?]



I've got Gledopto rgbw led controllers working with HE. The specs on them indicate they're ZLL.


Hubitat Elevation is ZHA. ZHA works with ZLL for compatibility.




I'm not an expert, but my understanding is that the specs require ZLL to fall back to ZHA if a ZLL network isn't found. As such, ZLL devices will work with Hubitat (if their payloads are otherwise supported; some lighting products only work with group messaging, Touch Link, green power, etc.).

But be warned if they are powered devices like bulbs: most are repeaters, but most are also bad at that job if mixed with "regular" ZHA devices. (ZLL is a bit lighter-weight and a believable hypothesis as to why is that more complex ZHA messages can overwhelm their limited resources, causing some commands and reports to not actually be communicated.)