Zigbee power monitoring

Probably this, but it is wifi, not zigbee.

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I'll sign up for remedial reading :flushed:

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The SmartThings 2018 (current gen) Zigbee plugs mentioned above are my favorite, though as mentioned, they do have a 12 A limit. The Iris v2 plug (and probably any Centralite plug that looks like that) is/was the same. Not sure if that's a problem for you. The Ikea Trådfri outlets have a 15 A (or at least 1800 W as stated) limit, but they don't do power metering; they're the only other Zigbee plug I'm familiar enough with off the top of my head. If you didn't specifically request Zigbee, the Zooz ZEN15 is rated for up to 15 A, and the Zooz ZEN20 would get you five individually monitor-able and controllabe outlets together also rated for 15 A, but both are, of course, Z-Wave. Both sound like they'd work well except for that one little thing. :slight_smile:

The GE Zigbee plug claims to do 1800 W, and the box says it does power metering. I have no personal experience with this generation. Maybe that could work? Their in-wall Zigbee outlet probably could too, but that's apparently either discontinued or out of stock. (Their Z-Wave devices--and Z-Wave devices in general for these categories--seem much easier to find.)

Actually doing the monitoring should be fairly easy with a rule, assuming these do something like a fairly high wattage while charging before dropping to a fairly low wattage when done (trigger on the high wattage, wait for low, possibly adding a small delay in case that's something it does throughout the cycle as well?). Looks likt eh de

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Its all good, you just had me scratching my head!



I've just bought this, but I need to manually hit "refresh" to reflect state.

Can anyone please assist? I really wanted this for power monitoring.


  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 45
  • softwareBuild: 00000045
  • inClusters: 0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,0702,0B04,E000,E001
  • outClusters: 0019,000A
  • model: TS011F
  • powerCluster: 0B04
  • firmwareMT: 1002-1602-00000045
  • isMultiEP: true
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_1h2x4akh

Supported in this driver : [RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Metering Plug

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Perfect! Thank you so much.

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Mine is occasionally switching off, nothing to do with me. Listing as " switch off physical".

And here's the review on amazon.

'Onest 'Enry

1.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase

Just arrived - 2 x won't stay turned on

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 June 2022

Size Name: Pack Of 1

29 Jun 2022 UPDATE:

Soooooooo Ajax, who sell these, KNOW about the problem. I found a forum and the Ajax person you want to communicate with is called Ajay. There is an issue on some versions of hardware and firmware, that if there is a voltage spike over 250v, then CLICK. It switches off. Newer versions don't do it. So buy wisely.

I also have a PV and home battery system and to export electricity the voltage has to be slightly higher than the grid voltage, so that may also have an effect.

Once I found that out I put a time domain graph and my voltage seems to max out at 253+v - bear in mind, we harmonised with the EU at 220/230v. But we didn't.

I have emailed Ajax 2 weeks ago, no reply at all. Not very good. I also messaged the seller from Amazon. Nada as well. Ah well.... Won't buy from them again. Caveat emptor fellow Amazonians!


How does such shoddy equipment get allowed to be sold on Amazon?

I bought these throwing the dice on 50/50 based reviews. I failed.

Don't be disappointed, don't buy them.

  1. plug in
  2. pair
  3. move to equipment socket
  4. turn equipment on test functionality
  5. 3 - 10 seconds CLUNK. Turned off. Both of them

One of the plugs I can't even get the 13amp plug into as the prongs/sockets inside don't match the moulded plug holes.

This is a known issue that affects some of the plugs produced in the last year. Unfortunately, a lot of resellers just try to sell what they have on stock no matter what the quality is. Don't know why, but I thought that Ajax customers support in the UK is better than buying directly from China.. Nope!

This random switching-off issue was patched a few months ago with a firmware update for some Tuya manufacturers. But you need a Tuya Zigbee hub for the firmware update. An alternative way to upgrade the firmware is via Zigbe2MQTT OTA upgrade system. But all this is a lot of trouble if you can - return these plugs to the seller.

Thanks for that.

I'm not 100 % on how I actually viewed the firmware version, as the 2nd plug was installed post your driver install.

The 2nd plug does not show the firmware version, unlike the first did as per my initial screenshot.

I guess I could swap the driver to another to see if that shows up again as standard zigbee outlet or whatever it was a hat I had installed at the time.

Unless you have another suggestion?

Its difficult to say whether or not this problem is present in the 2nr plug, without waiting x amount of time to wait and see.

The firmware version is referred on the device web page "Data" section as 'application' :


Usually, the 'application' data is always available for all Zigbee devices after the initial pairing, no matter of the driver used.

What are your application values for the two devices?

Ah, cheers!

So, this socket definitely turns off at odd times.

This one, I haven't played with much, and was installed when your driver was already installed, and I believe didn't even need to be selected.

The 'tv' one was initially installed before you helpfully replied and as such had a few different drivers installed one by one when I was trying to get it working.

Odd that the software side now definitely looks different. I wonder if its worth starting over with the first, which has odd child devices too.

The kettle hasn't been touched. But it has switched itself off at 5pm today....despite not being used.

As per this:

247 V is very close to the maximum voltage limit (250V), that Tuya engineers have decided is dangerously high and in order to 'protect' us, their firmware switches off the plug (!!!) :scream:

This automatic switching off does not depend on the driver or on the home automation hub. It happens with Tuya's own Zigbee gateway also, it happens even if the device is working offline and not paired to any hub.

The problem is observed with specific chipset only, which Tuya manufacturers started to use in their devices about a year ago.

You can delete the first device and then pair it again to get rid of the component devices and the artifacts left from the other drivers that you have experimented with, but this will not solve the switching-off issue. The only solution is to update the firmware to the latest version. If you know someone with a Tuya gateway, you can pair the two plugs temporarily to their gateway, update the firmware and then pair it again to HE. Or ask the seller if they can do this upgrade for you?


I'm asking amazon, contacted the seller through amazon. I'm guessing that if I plan on getting a few of these, then it may be better and less hassle to purchase a hub?

I can get one for about a tenner.

You seem to know a lot about this - would you be confident that if I buy a hub, the upgrade would sort this out?

My issue is that the kettle hadn't been used for hours. Thus, the spike didn't cause the physical switch off.

Better wait a day or two to get a confirmation from the seller that there is a firmware update for this particular model. I will try to research too.

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be 'NO' for this particular Tuya manufacturer _TZ3000_1h2x4akh :

Return them.

Thanks man.

But damnit.

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Hi guys,
I've purchased two of these Zigbee plugs in July 2022.
It did state that "all issues have been resolved with new firmware" at time of purchase.

I've not experienced any issues, but can see that the voltage fluctuates between 235V lowest up to 245V max.
I was going to purchase a few more as these are the cheapeast zigbee plugs with energy monitoring, will keep an eye on them before I purchase anymore. Thanks

Sometimes, buying Tuya stuff is like playing a lottery... Unfortunately, you've got the short end of the stick. :frowning:

@iEnam is your firmware version (the 'application') the same? ( 45 )

Yes, it's the same, strange!

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