Zigbee or Z-wave usb power relay recommendations


Here is the application :slight_smile:

I am setting up a battery powered security camera (likely a Reolink Argus 3 pro) to a floodlight with a micro usb port (Wasserstein 3 in 1). This will allow for continuous charging of the battery/camera, basically an infinite battery life for the camera without any takedowns or manual charging.

The issue is the camera (like many others) uses a LFP battery, they do not like to be recharged below freezing. I would like to setup a simple rule that cuts the USB charging below the freezing point. Ideally I would use my hubitat, and use my outdoor Ecowitt temp sensor to trigger a zigbee/z-wave event (floodlight will be in front of detached garage, wifi signal may be a bit dodgy with small antennas).

So far I have seen the following products, none of which seem ideal:

Most promising, but a bit chunky, and OOS:


In stock, but wifi (likely custom firmware required) with a small antenna, not sure I would have the reach:


Cheap and cheerful, but wifi with a custom app, hard to convert to tasmota?


Can anyone think of something better?, I don't mind paying a bit more for easy integration (zigbee/z-wave), and bonus points if the switch is easy to seal for outdoor use.

The other alternative would be a dumb integrated thermal switch, that I could manually adjust to the freezing point. I have not found anything great so far that I could tinker with.

I purchased two of these. They came dead with no response from the seller. I do not recommend purchasing them.

Thanks combined with the unknown/dodgy store the tindie is officially off the list.

I am surprised there are so few options out there. With so many usb powered devices these days you would think there would be more choice. Remote power cycling if anything would be interesting to quite a few people.

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