Zigbee offline

Hi there. I'm new to the Hubitat devices, so be gentle pls.

I can't seem to connect any zigbee devices and I am guessing its because Zigbee is not online as per the message in the top right of my screen. I was about to connect my first devices but without success. Any advice would be very appreciated.

Sorry to hear that. You may actually be dealing with a hardware malfunction. If you didn't do so already, please visit the following page to create a warranty case:

Thanks BobbyD. I will do so. The device also wont do a soft reset, unknown error apperars.

Actually I bought this via CEX in the UK. I don't think this is covered under warranty. Is there any other assistance available?

Are you on the latest platform? (

Hi there. Yes I am and it all appears to be working again. I only have one zigbee device to test this with but it connected straight away. Time to transition away from wifi and cloud base.

Sorry I should add I sorted this by rolling back several versions of firmware and then upgrading to the latest again. Zigbee back online and working.

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