Zigbee Network Issue

My Zigbee network keeps going offline. I have restored a backup and rolled back the device. This has not been successful in resolving it. What other steps can I take?

If I reboot the device it will work for ~24 hours or less. Then the network will go down again.

How long has this been happening? What hub platform version are you on? Is there anything that might be related in your logs?

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Restoring a backup is unlikely to resolve a radio problem. What do you mean by rolled back the device? Are you referring to a particular Zigbee device or the hub itself? The only way to resolve a radio issue is to narrow down if the problem is caused by a specific device that you may have added recently. Other than that, your radio may be going bad.

Okay, well I’m not sure what to do to troubleshoot this. What should I look for in the logs? I do have one device that was acting up before but it’s been that way for a while. This issue has persisted for four days now.

Platform Version

Hardware Version
Rev C-7

I’m going to remove the device I think might be having the issues (Inovelli Blue) from my Hub.
Then reboot the hub and then wait and see if the zigbee network goes down.

There is one other device that I recently added also that I could also be the issue but I haven’t noted any issues with it.

Back Porch Switch and Garage Door are the two I think could be causing problems. What else should I look for in logs :wood:

I have a few of those and they work fine for me, however, we have seen reports of these causing problems. Be sure to update the firmware and also check the model you have. There are two with known problems.

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As bobbyD said, two issues to watch out for with the Inovelli Blues. Either of these issues can wreak total havoc on your zigbee mesh (I speak from first-hand experience having problems with both of these issues)...

  1. In the original Blue order that can in mid-fall 2022, there were two bad batches of switches (based on IEEE #) -- customers who got these in that original order should contact Inovelli for replacement switch(es). But if you got your switch after that original order, then those two IEEE series are OK -- the production line corrected the issue after that original run.

  2. The original firmware (2.00) was a hot mess -- the current version is 2.08 and has been stable overall. They should be releasing a 2.1x version pretty soon, but they're still working out some edge-case gremlins.

If your switch is one of the original bad IEEEs or is on v2.0 firmware, remediate that first -- there's no amount of tweaking you can do to your zigbee mesh to save it from those two early-on problems with the Blues -- either of those issues are capable of totally crippling your mesh.

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Try doing a full shutdown and pull power for 30 seconds. This will power down the radio and allow all the hardware to reboot. A normal reboot only restarts the firmware.

Sometimes this will help with radio problems.